Success at AVS69

November 13th 2023

It's always great to get out and meet our Users and AVS 69th International Symposium and Exhibition in Portland proved no exception.  Our exhibition booth was busy with double figure instrument demonstrations conducted over the 3 days.  It doesn't seem that many years ago since we were shipping an instrument to the exhibition site so that we could demonstrate its capabilities to existing customers and prospects.  Now, we can provide the same experience by hooking up a PC to the local network and logging in to the AXIS Supra+ in our Manchester applications lab.  The ease of use and simplicity of remote use opens up many opportunities for collaborative work.

This was one of the themes expended on during our Exhibitors spotlight session.  

We also had a couple of oral contributions and a poster during the symposium sessions.  On Wednesday November 8th, Dr Kevin Good presented 'Where Are We on the Road-Map to Artificially Intelligent Interpretation of X-ray Photoelectron Spectra?' and on Friday November 10th Dr Jonathan Counsell presented 'Evaluation of Unaltered and Irradiated Nuclear Graphite Surfaces through Integrated Traditional XPS and HAXPES Techniques'.  There was also a poster contribution 'Benefits of Cryo-XPS for Battery Analysis' outlining recent work undertaken in our UK applications lab.  This is available to download below.